Enjoyable and interesting to look at, all but a few of these maps below have links to beautiful high-resolution images. Nearly all of the linked images have been hosted on the internet by me over the past two decades.
I am happy to translate the French on them for active participants.

Begin Maps

1650 Sanson, North America link


1656 Sanson New Mexico and Florida link


1670 Lake Superior, arguably by Hughes Randin, link


1670 Galinee, Great Lakes link


1671 Manitoumie link


1674 North America, Sanson-Jaillot link


1674 Marquette Map (19th Century Fake) link


1674 Marquette Map (19th Century Fake), Printed in J.G.Shea, 1852 link

This photo, taken of the same map as above, was taken in about 1850, and
published in 1852. (The above was taken in about 1900). The Shea is much
more legible on the zoom-in. (Notwithstanding the sides had to be trimmed
for posting purposes).


1674 Jolliet/Randin link


1674 Randin, North America link


1674 Randin link

1674 Jolliet/Brown (1880s Fake) link


1674 Ayer 48 Anonymous link



1675 Ayer 48 Final, North America link


1675 Ayer 48 Bernou link

1675 Ayer 48 Bernou link


1674 Camel Map 1 link


1675 Camel Map 2 link

camel map 2


1675 Anonymous Fake link


1681 Thevenot, Mississippi Valley link


1683 Minet/LaSalle Map Weber Enhanced link,


1683 Minet/LaSalle, Original link




1683 Raffeix, not authentic link


1683 Hennepin, North America link

1683 Bernou, North America link


1684 Jolliet, Hudson Bay link


1684 Franquelin, North America link


1686 Franquelin, North America link


1688 Franquelin, North America link


1688 Coronelli link


1688 Coronelli Gore link


1691 LeClerq, North America link


1698 Hennepin, New World link


1700 Codex Canadiensis link

1543 DeSoto link

1474 Toscanelli Original
(map Columbus had)



1474 Toscanelli With Underlay

Carl Weber